We're just 2 gals from Toronto
That may of you maybe don't know
We've come to this land
To hear many a band
And dance to the callers with mojo

We like to go dancing a lot
So we drive where the dancing is hot
We expect it of Lisa
To go get her Visa
So she can come dance in OUR spot

With tents from Canadian Tire
We're happily out of the mire
So camp at Fort Dummer
Motels are a bummer
And then we can dance round the fire!

Some kids that we met took a chance,
And went with a friend to a dance
They're the future, you see
Of the dance that will be
When us oldsters have on leak-proof pants!

There was a young man from Pennsylvan'ya
Whose life was transformed by danceman'ya
He wore a shirt,
On top of his skirt (alternatively, he learned to flirt)
D'ya think it's allowed in Alban'ya?

We wonder if Henry Thoreau
Who sat meditating below
Sometimes had a notion
To join the commotion
And dance with the ones he don't know

We were dancing on Thursday to Golder
He really don't look a day older
When we saw him last fall
He was having a ball
He packed 'em in shoulder to shoulder

In Greenfield we all had a ball
The caller she packed that old hall
My hip took a check
I fell to the deck
But I didn't mind much at all

Peterboro was all that we hoped for
Steve Zakon, McQuillen, and lots more
We all had a blast
With Bob's tunes from the past
As we swung our way over the dance floor

Young Dave took it over from Lisa
When she went to Pinewoods we miss'ta!
He kept us honest
In honouring our promise
To dance five nights straight with a blis'ta!

The Dawn Dance has only one problem
It starts with 400, then drops some
Until by the morn
Their feet ragged and torn
They're survivors like jetsam and flotsam

My hometown's called Nelson, B.C.
Where's that? In Canada, you see
Feels like I've come 'round
Full circle to this town
But, it's Nelson, N.H. where we be!

Cis Hinkle, Dave Kaynor, Nils Fredland
Zakon, Anderson, Sieverts and then some
We've had so much fun
We wish it weren't done
But its time to get back to the homeland

With thanks to all you in the all,
Dear Lisa, we've had such a ball!
So when you're in our town,
We won't let you down
Find a phone, and give us a call!

The medal is pewter and lead
It's a wonder our feet are not dead
Iron dancers we are,
Some from near, some afar
Five days dancing, adventure, WELL SAID!